Instituto para el Desarrollo Musical (IDM)


The Instituto para el Desarrollo Musical (IDM) is the institution promoting the Manchester Sinfonietta. Located in Spain, IDM develops musical projects in several countries. Within the IDM work in the guitar scene, some highlights can be named, like the Festival Fortea, the Semana Tárrega and the Gaspar Sanz Memorial. Regarding its symphonic work, IDM promotes Manchester Sinfonietta, Orquesta Académica de Valencia, Filarmonía Hispánica among others. A good summary of the activity developed by IDM are the words of the Manager of the institution:

“The Instituto para el Desarrollo Musical (IDM) is an institution in favor of Spanish music in the world. IDM spreads the rich Hispanic repertoire through productions of high artistic quality. Our work focuses on music projects of Spanish essence. An artistic and educational challenge based on two lines of action. First, the creation of leading international orchestras, Spanish repertoire centered. Furthermore, the promotion of Spanish guitar in the world through festivals, productions and concerts. Both activities converge into a single concern: the spread of music from Spain, according to the highest excellence. This work consolidates us as an authoritative voice in the Hispanic tradition, and as a reference for its musical performance. We are driven by the desire to offer the beauty of this music to all audiences. A hope beating day by day in the heart of IDM that encourages us to give the best of ourselves.”

In order to promote the Manchester Sinfonietta, the Instituto para el Desarrollo Musical (IDM) is collaborating with other institutions, ensembles and artists. These musicians and groups both British and international, cooperate with the Instituto para el Desarrollo Musical (IDM) and contribute to the consolidation of the Manchester Sinfonietta.